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3 Steps to Avoid Hiring Scam Writing Services

By cooladmin on Monday, January 13th, 2020 in No Comments

Stage One: “I have a week to write my essay. I will get it done, no worries!”

Stage Two: “I better start researching for information. I have already wasted two days doing nothing.”

Stage Three: “University expects me to do so much more than my capacity. Do they know I have a life?”

Stage Four: “I’ll try to complete this essay overnight, fingers crossed!”

Stage five: “I’ll do better next time…”

And the cycle repeats…

If these stages demonstrate your conduct every time your professor gives you an assignment, then it is evident that you are intimidated by the essay writing process. Unfortunately, academia uses writing proficiency to calibrate students’ performance. Thus, you cannot afford to repeat the cycle above over and over again as it can hurt your academic grades.

Since improving your writing skills may consume time, you can seek assistance from essay writing services in the meantime. However, you must hire a writing company after cross-checking its authenticity.

A decade ago, many writing companies rose with a noble mission to assist students with their academic writing problems. Considering the popularity of this concept, scammers also invaded the industry to loot students and fulfill their monetary interests.

If you want to stay vigilant and effectively distinguish between the authentic and scam writing companies, you must follow the steps given below:

Survey the Market

The internet is swarming with scam services, which makes it important to survey the market before hiring a writing company. Thus, you should visit scoring websites that rank these writing companies based on their provided services.

Since many such websites publish fabricated rankings after being bribed by the fraudulent companies, you must not rely on a particular website’s result. Instead, you should explore as many websites as you can so that you can shortlist the best available writing services for yourself.

Ask for Recommendations

Since the process mentioned above can consume a lot of time, you can consider asking for recommendations from your friends instead. It is relatively easier to assess your friends’ academic progress than surveying the market. Based on their suggestions, you can shortlist the best company for your essay writing applications.

Dig in Further

After collecting potential contenders for the essay writing job, you must sift this list further to pick the best from the lot. For this purpose, you should visit the webpages of every company, one-by-one, to assess the following information:

Read Customer Testimonials

You must read the customer testimonials provided on the company’s webpage. The remarks shared by the service consumers are a reflection of their experience with the company. These can help you make the right choice for yourself.

You should refer to the review section and assess the following information:

  • If original and plagiarism-free essays were provided.
  • If all the essay documents were timely delivered.
  • If the service charges initially quoted by the company remained unaltered.
  • If the company provided cheap service charges.
  • If customer support was available round the clock.
  • If the company facilitated users with free revisions.

If all these characteristics above are discussed in the testimonials, then you can shortlist the company and proceed to the next step.

Visit the Career Section

The writing industry has grown leaps and bounds over the years. Considering the popularity and student needs, writing companies are on a constant hunt to recruit professional writers at their forum. Other than advertising vacancies on other electronic media platforms, many writing companies have introduced a ‘career’ section on their webpages.

You should visit this section to determine the eligibility criteria for the writer’s position at the company. In this manner, you can identify if a company hires professional or mediocre writers at its forum. If a Master’s level degree is not mandatory, then you can eliminate the company from your list.

Refer to the Company’s Policies

Writing companies emerged to make the lives of students easier by assisting them with their academic writing problems. To live up to this endeavour, genuine writing companies follow customer-oriented policies. Therefore, if you want to tell the difference between scams and authentic writing companies, you must read the policies displayed at their webpages.

If a writing company furnishes a reliable money-back guarantee and free multiple revisions facility, it is liable to be a genuine one. Also, authentic companies consider customers’ data protection as a mandatory part of their services, and so, they follow a Data Protection Policy that legally binds them to keep the customers’ data secure in their databases. This policy also restricts them to share such information with any third party other than a legal body.

Evaluate the Displayed Content

At this stage, revisit the shortlisted options and inspect the writing proficiency of those companies. Simply, refer to the blogs published at their respective websites and assess:

  • If the grammatical rules are kept into account.
  • If the blog’s content presents a unified image.
  • If the content includes well-researched material.
  • If the blog is engaging and informative.

After locating this information, you should pick the top three options from the list and discard the rest.

Locate Physical Address

Scam writing companies do not share their geographical location with their service consumers. Since they operate on fraudulent means, they remove their physical addresses from the webpages to hide their heinous intents. Thus, before hiring an essay writing company, you must check if it has displayed its physical address on the website. If not, then you must immediately drop that option from the list.

Contact Customer Care Representative

Customer care agents should be friendly and cooperative to resolve students’ queries. Therefore, you should try contacting these agents through a phone call to gauge if they can be of any help to you. Based on your experience with the service representatives from the different companies, you can finalise the best one for your assignment.

Thus, this is how you can distinguish and hire an authentic writing company for your assistance. Since now you have the opportunity to score your anticipated grades, why not get started with the process right away?

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