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Interactive Tools For Students: Ways To Create The How-To Videos At Home

By Do My Essays on Monday, June 11th, 2018 in No Comments

The Internet has expanded our horizon of thinking to great lengths and breadths giving a man the power of God. While human beings cannot play the role of God, they can help each other with the scientific knowledge acquired through experience and empiricism. Educating people for their wellbeing, guiding them about the solutions of life problems is a meritorious deed. And if you can make a living out of it then congratulations: you are leading a life worth living.

Helping someone with writing difficult university projects is also a praiseworthy quality typical of good students. They will do their work by themselves, then go about looking for people who are in need of essay writing help. Sometimes when forced by necessity, they can also charge some amount to other people who are ready to pay. Online education forums serve as the meeting place for these students who come here for providing and receiving writing aid by taking part in the conversation threads titled like ‘I can Pay To Do My Essay UK. Please Help!’

Here are some other ways of making quick money by helping and entertaining other people, especially your fellow students, through the ‘How-to’ videos which you can create at home.

#1. Magisto
This app which is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows environments, costs zilch to try. You can use its powerful interface to create videos using photos and pictures which can be converted into a movie. There are editing options available in this app such as the ones which allow you to include sound effects and music in the background. By making in-app purchases, you can increase its usefulness by adding unlimited cloud storage, making longer movies and increasing the time of a clip you can introduce in a video.

#2. Animoto
Here is another excellent video editing app for your cell phone, tablet and desktop computers. Animoto is available for download on the two most popular platforms; Android (version 2.2 and onwards) and iOS (7.0 and onwards). It is a free app though you have to pay a sum (starting from $ 4.99) for purchasing the premium services. This app works the same way as many other apps but with the additional functionality that it offers in the form of Lightroom plugin.

#3. VideoShop
Downloading this app on your iOS supported device requires one to pay $ 1.99 for the complete version (No trials, sad life!). Start working by uploading photos, audios, and videos in the app, though you can also capture snaps or record voiceovers from within the app. Once you have all the components of your movie in one place, you can edit them by adding effects and texts along with controlling the speed of motion. You can creatively organize clips by sorting them in a specific order to tell your story to the viewers in an interesting way.

No matter how wiry your editing skills are, the above apps can make you a producer in a little time. You can earn money by making videos on the topics that affect people’s lives, uploading them on open video sharing platforms such as YouTube, Daily Motion and Vimeo. Who knows you could become a millionaire overnight!

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