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The Magic Of 3-D Printing: How It Works For Teachers?

By Do My Essays on Tuesday, June 12th, 2018 in No Comments

The life-made easy solutions invented till to the date are a blessing for which humanity shall always remain indebted to scientists. Whether it is an automotive factory or a dental clinic, an office kitchen or your private bathroom; new and more efficient appliances can be seen in action everywhere. The increasingly automated machines are a manifestation of the innovative scientific and technological applications which are taught and designed these days with the help of 3-D modeling and printing.

The applications of science are seemingly infinite which are being discovered exponentially with the passage of time. Whereas these applications have at one place made our life more liveable and convenient, they have made us lazy too. For instance take ‘search engine’, the biggest invention of information technology in the last two or three decades, which is merely used by some students for searching things like ‘Pay Someone To Do My Essay’ and ‘List of best essay writing services in my area’. People have become more dependent on technology than ever instead of using it in more constructive and creative ways.

While asking someone for help writing your essay is not condemnable, pupils in schools and colleges should be taught the best use of technology, one of which is 3-D printing. Here are the three ways teachers can take advantage of for improving the learning methods in the modern classroom of today.

  1. Computer Aided Design (CAD)
    A CAD is a groundwork which makes the basis of 3D-printing. It enables the user to create, modify, analyze and optimize the design of a product to be 3D-printed. CAD is geared at improving the quality of design and maximize the productivity of the designer through various tools and software. The output of a typical CAD software is in the form of digital computer files, which is used by 3-D printing machines to build the final prototype.
    CAD software use vector or raster graphics for showing how a final object would appear to the viewers. Teachers can use CAD software for designing scientific models that may be constructed using 3-D printing for demonstrating a certain phenomenon to the students. Even if a model is not physically conceived through printing, the technical drawings and interactive simulations presented on screen can serve their purpose as well.
  2. computer-aided Manufacturing (CAM)
    The use of software technology for controlling automated machines in order to carry out manufacturing processes is called computer-aided manufacturing or CAM. It aims to develop efficient procedures and tools for greater precision and accuracy in the construction of the final product.
    CAM can be helpful to the teachers and professors at the university level for designing physical experiments in an engineering class. They can be used for building models which are fully automated and are operated using computer programs. Not only for the sake of teaching a technical course, CAM technology can also be used in other disciplines. For example, a surgery practical can be delivered well with the help of robotic arms that are made by virtue of CAM and 3-D printing.
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