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As a responsible writing organization, it is our duty to satisfy our clients with their work related orders. So, if your work is not up to expectation in the first place then we are ready to provide you multiple revisions. However, we follow a revision policy and we would like you to have a look at it.

  • We wouldn’t do any extra work while doing revisions.
  • If you think that increment of work is required or mandatory, then you would have to pay the extra amount to get your work done.
  • The students with orders having 250-5000 words can ask for revision up to 15 days after the work is delivered to them.
  • Sundays and other holidays are off days for revision too.
  • It requires at least 3 days to do revision for orders having 5000 words or more (up to 9999).
  • It requires at least 5 days to do revision for orders having 10,000 (+) words.
  • An order with a due date of fewer than 24 hours can get the revision as soon as they get their order. This will take up to 8 to max 10 hours to send it back to the client.
  • Clients having deadlines of 24 to 48 hours are free to send their revisions as soon as they receive the order. These amendments may take up to 24 hours.
  • Orders with a deadline of 48 to 72 hours can also give us revisions ASAP. These reports will also be sent back within 24 hours’ time.
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