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How to Increase Productivity in Class?

By Do My Essays on Saturday, November 30th, 2019 in No Comments

As a teacher, you notice that an ideal classroom is one where students are happy, and productivity is maximised. When students are participating in in-class activities with great enthusiasm, it is reflective of the initiatives taken by the teacher. So we know that nothing makes a teacher happier than a progressing class.
Mentioned below are some tips to ensure that you are promoting constructive learning habits among your students.

Create a Comfortable Environment

The most important thing when dealing with students is to provide them with an environment where they feel safe to function. This helps in making learning easier and more effective for the kids. Some students are hesitant when it comes to class participation. However, supportive and inclusive surroundings might encourage them to open up and share their perspectives. As a teacher, you can help promote friendship and healthy connections among students to ensure comfort and safety.

Encourage Students to Share

No one likes a classroom where only one person is speaking. Studies have shown that students show a great level of development in classrooms when sessions are interactive. If you are discussing a topic, ensure that you try to get a different point of view from students. This will prompt healthy discussions and make cognition effective. Furthermore, you can encourage two students with opposing points to debate their arguments as this will help develop good interpersonal skills.

Be Available for Them

As a teacher, you should let students know that you’re there for them. Usually, when they are facing academic difficulties, they lose hope and get ready to quit. However, you can help change their minds with support and encouragement. Motivate them to work harder and understand the reasons behind their difficulties. Sometimes, students trivialise their lack of understanding because they feel they are not as smart as their peers. So, try to get to know them on a personal level and eradicate their self-doubts by talking to them after class. 

Ease the Burden of Homework 

Usually, students are stressed due to homework and assignments. As a result, their productivity decreases. A good way to tackle the issue is to reduce the burden of excessive homework by encouraging class participation. Due to shortage of time, students look for websites like do my essay to complete their homework. As a teacher, you can ensure that the kid spends maximum time in class-learning, so they have a substantial amount of time after school to relieve stress

Plan Group Projects

Arrange class activities for students so they can get to know each other. Many kids perform well in groups and can maximise their academic productivity. Conduct class sessions where students formulate groups and work on an assignment together. This would increase the overall progress, and the association would help in building a sense of kinship. 

Peer-to-Peer Learning

An effective method of making sure your classroom is productive is encouraging peer-to-peer learning. This method lessens the burden on the teachers and causes students to assess individual progress. This also intensifies honesty and sincerity among students. Furthermore, assisting their peers instils a sense of responsibility at the primary stage, and they can understand the spectrum of learning. Since it is a collaboration among students, it also strengthens their bond as classmates.

Take Breaks and Organise Fun Activities

Overworking your brain with extra load can cause a decline in productivity. So, make sure you take breaks to ease the stress of the classroom. You can organise fun activities for students during this free time that would help in channelling their energy. For instance, videos of breathing exercises and stretching can be used in a classroom where the majority of the time is spent sitting. For instance, creative skills like story-making or other forms of self-expression can be introduced during breaks so students can share their hobbies and interests. 

Formulate a Schedule

Most schools usually follow a set timetable, but you can devise one for your convenience as well. This would help you in evaluating the progress of the class throughout the year, and you can arrange different sessions accordingly. At the end of the day, you can note down what you or students achieved during the task. Hence, keeping track of each student’s individual growth would become easier. The schedule would also give you a clear estimation of how much time is spent on a particular task so you can assign projects more efficiently.   

Make Classroom Interesting with Technology

It is time to get rid of all the outdated methods of teaching and employ applications to make the classroom experience a fascinating one. Various online apps like Google Classroom, Seesaw and Cahoots! are available to make your job easier. You can use these to devise quizzes, post assignments and even update parents on their child’s progress. The applications also have some competitive games that would make the learning experience all the more enjoyable. Furthermore, a study has proven that the visuals, especially colours, play a vital role in the development of a child’s brain. Therefore, the applications are designed to attract students and make education less stressful.

Ask for Feedback

Most students around the world feel neglected because the schools ignore their suggestions and impose a rigid system. To make sure that your class is happy and satisfied, it is important to ask for their opinions. Sometimes, adults can also learn from the kids and their creativity. You can put up a suggestion box and employ their appropriate ideas to make them feel inclusive. Conduct a session every two months to gain their perspective on teaching methods as complete satisfaction and harmony is the only thing that can ensure maximum productivity. Always listen to their viewpoints regarding a particular assignment or topic as this will assist you in strategising better teaching techniques.

So, utilise these tips to make your class a haven for students and watch their academic progress achieve new heights every day. 

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