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A Fresher’s Guide to Write the Best Essay

By Do My Essays on Monday, October 28th, 2019 in No Comments

Congratulations! You have made it to the university and have signed up for more responsibilities. As most of these responsibilities.belong to the writing aspect of academics, you should possess great writing proficiency.

Conversely, if your writing skillset is not up to the mark, you can work on improving it gradually. To help you do so, below presented is a guide to write the best essay from scratch:

  • Read and Comprehend the Assigned Task

    If you have been given the liberty to choose a topic for yourself, you can use this opportunity to write about something you find intriguing. However, if such is not the case and you are assigned a topic, you should give your prompt question a read to assess what you are required to do. Look out for the terms which suggest a particular action such as, “list,” “identify,” “compare,” etc.

    Also, you should note down the keywords used in the question statement so that you can incorporate them into your essay writing.

  • Get All Your Queries Resolved

    After going through the provided writing instructions and question statement, you may have some queries unanswered. Instead of brushing them off, you should note them down and ask your professor for assistance. He may add a point or two as a solution to your addressed problem, and you should use it as a reference point to commence the writing process.

  • Create a Working Plan

    You cannot randomly start working on an essay, and you need a concrete working plan for the purpose. To create one, you need to prepare yourself mentally and tell yourself: “I need to write my essay within the stipulated timeframe.”

    Next, you should refer to the thesis statement and list down all potential ideas on your mind. Once done, you should assess if there are any similar-natured ideas enlisted. If you find one or two, you should eliminate those elements to refine your list further.

  • Uplift Quality Bar via Strong Research

    A qualitative essay is the one which encompasses strong factual details and concrete statistical figures. To embed these elements in your essay, you need to conduct in-depth research. For this purpose, you can use the conventional method of visiting a library to sift information from the available books. However, it is recommended to use Google Scholar for prompt, authentic, and credible search results.

    As the students are required to cite the referenced information sources, you should maintain a journal for this purpose. This journal should keep a record of all the collected information sources so that you can easily cite your essay at later stages.

  • Organise and Outline

    As it is practically impossible to accommodate all amassed data into the essay, you need to create an outline to help you narrow down the detail. On this account, you should first introduce the simplest concept on the list, followed by a slightly complex one, and so on.

    In this manner, you can come up with an outline which can help you curate an audience-friendly essay writing.

  • Formulate a Solid Thesis

    To live up to the objective of your writing, you should craft a thesis statement for your essay. This statement should be written in a clear and coherent tone so that the audience can perceive it without any difficulties. It is recommended to keep this statement as concise as possible so that the right message can be promptly delivered across.

  • Craft an Intriguing Introduction

    According to experts, the majority of readers use the introductory paragraph as an indicator to assess whether or not to continue reading further. Thus, if your introduction is weak and less persuading, the reader will not be tempted to stay committed to the reading process.

    To write an intriguing introduction, you should embed an attention grabber in the opening sentence of the essay. You can consider including an interesting statistical figure, a burning question, or even an anecdote as a hooking element.

    To select an appropriate attention grabber to generate the anticipated response, you should keep your audience’s nature and interests in check.

    In addition to this, the introductory paragraph must entail the main thesis statement and some background information about the topic subject.

  • Infuse Supporting Details

    The main body of the essay should provide supporting details to justify the authenticity of the thesis statement. To do so effectively, there can be multiple paragraphs installed in the main body of the essay.

    In this section, the flow of information should be regulated so that the audience can easily grapple the communicated message. Also, the transition from one concept to another should be smooth to maintain essay’s readability.

  • Maintain the Brief

    The concluding paragraph of the essay should sum the entire crux of the essay into a few pointers. Thus, you should summarise the main pointers discussed in the essay and elaborate on how these results add to the significance of your thesis statement.

    You should avoid incorporating any additional details in this section as it can potentially deviate your readers’ focus.

  • Filter All Inconsistencies

    After writing the essay, you should perform the editing and proofreading processes. It is recommended to print a hard copy of the document so that you can easily encircle and remove mistakes from the content.

    As there can be numerous errors in the essay, you should focus on removing them one by one. For instance, you should first filter grammatical errors from the content and then proceed to work on your sentence structures.

    Also, you should remove any plagiarised content present in your essay and, for this purpose, you need to install a plagiarism detecting software. Run your essay on this software and filter all infringed text from your essay’s body for good.

    This is how you can write an impeccable essay and that too, without any hassle or trouble. So, why not put these tips to use right away?

    Good luck and happy writing!

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