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Education Blogs You Should Follow

By Do My Essays on Wednesday, June 6th, 2018 in No Comments

Blogging, vlogging, motivational speakers… learning in today’s world is not merely confined to poring over the pages between the cover of a book. Nor is it only about the necessity of understanding the essay topic that your teacher has assigned you and then continuing to write about it. Learning in today’s world is more diversified than ever before, and that is why you do not need to just sift through countless piles of books, or sit around writing essays alone. You need to move beyond that into a new world where lessons are learned from the everyday, humdrum life around you. Watch the news, check out blogs; even social media websites could provide you with nuggets of information that will help you improve your learning as well as your mind.

As far as blogging goes, it is one of the best and easiest ways that just about everyone, from educators to students, uses to communicate with each other. For that reason, following the blog of an individual means that you will be able to gain an insight into that individual’s perspective on any topic also.

Picking Out Your Favourite Blogs
Of course, reading and understanding blogs is time-consuming also, which is why asking the question, “Can I pay someone to do my essay” is a valid one. Do not worry! Here is where we can help. Meantime, here are some of the best education blogs for you to follow:

  • Inside Higher Ed
    This blog can provide excellent content on a number of topics pertaining to higher education. The blog also assists those looking for career advice; they host a number of sections, each designed to help students with some aspect of their educational life for instance with Admissions, Career Advice, Books, Technology, and Diversity. They also host webinars and research subject matter related to higher education.
  • The Learning Network
    A sister concern of the mainstream paper, New York Times, The Learning Network has a very specific target audience: teachers, parents and, of course, students. The blog hosts content from New York Times that could also double up as inspiration for any teaching aids, for their target audience. The blog also has lesson plans for subjects such as American History, Current Events, Civics and Social Studies, while students over 13 years of age are welcome to add their comments to any posts in the section titled Student Opinion.
  • Edutopia
    As part of the George Lucas Educational Foundation, the Edutopia blog is focussed on educators as well as students involved in the k-12 stage of their learning career. The blog tries to create content that can help to improve the learning curve of any student allowing them to collaborate with curriculum experts, researchers and teachers so that they can gain greater benefits from a more project-based learning perspective.
  • Classroom 2.0
    This blog is all about how relevant social media and Web 2.0 can be to the classroom. In that case, not only does this blog have a lot of content, it also doubles up as a social networking platform where educators may learn more about how to integrate online learning strategies into their own classrooms.

Of course, all of these blogs are international, but then again, this only adds to their universal appeal and use!

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