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TED Talks to Empower Middle and High School Students

By Do My Essays on Friday, June 8th, 2018 in No Comments

For many students, the joy of studying is marred by the amount of written work as well as the pressures that oral studying, researching and reading up on a tonne of work can place on any student. The toll is usually in the form of the students losing all their creative genius, so much so that they end up with no other option except to write out the same, uniform, boring style of essays that they had been used to writing every, the single time before.

Uniformity is not an option though, especially when it is essay writing that is at stake here: you need to have something more concrete to back you up. Here is where asking for help is the best idea that you could have. Of course, simply calling out, Do My Essay For Me UK is not enough; it is an option, but you need to be able to revive your creativity so that you can learn to utilize it in all aspects of your work also. Here is where that latest invention of modern technology can really help you out.

Watching A TED Talk Video

Watching a TED Talk video is one of the best ways that any student could come up with in order to get a new lease on life. If that sounds like an exaggeration, then you haven’t watched a TED Talk video yet, and you really do not know how powerfully they can act upon any individual. TED Talks aren’t just about giving individuals a source of inspiration that will fade away over time; they are also about showing them incentives that will actually help them to work better also.

Here are some great TED Talks that will not only drive away all your boredom but also help you to do something worthwhile with your time:

  1. Matt Cutts’ Try Something New For 30 Days
    This video, clocked at 3 minutes and 27 seconds is all about trying something new for the next thirty days. To say that it is inspirational or motivational would be wrong. This video is simply amazing: it is exciting, interesting, inspirational and motivational, encouraging students to get out of their comfort zone and keep trying to do something new every day!
  2. Lizzie Velasquez’ How Do You Define Yourself
    Clocked in at 13 minutes and 10 seconds, this video is about one woman’s journey of survival, through her illness, understanding herself and, most importantly, accepting herself with all her shortcomings. It is a video that is guaranteed to help students accept themselves for who they are also, so much so that you are sure to stop berating yourself and become a more confident individual.
  3. Brene Brown’s The Power Of Vulnerability
    Clocked in at a hefty 20 minutes and 50 seconds, this video may seem like something a lot longer than your usual TED Talk. However, that does not affect the power that this video can have on you either. The vulnerability is a part of life, and it is essential to feel vulnerable at times just so that you can grow and improve yourself also. And that is just what this video helps you to do.

So turn to a TED Talk and discover a better you.

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