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What Are the Common Problems Faced By Students?

By cooladmin on Monday, November 4th, 2019 in No Comments

Are you free? If yes, well, that’s quite a rare occurrence for a student, and you can use this opportunity to perform a fun activity. So, open any search engine you like and punch ‘student’ in the search bar.

As you can see, most of the search results have a term ‘problem’ highlighted, such as:

  • Twenty-five problems for students and their parents.
  • Why students experience money problems?
  • Problems students face at the university.
  • Why should you not let academic workload become a problem for you?
  • Why first-year students experience problems keeping up with their academics?

Thus, all students perceive during their academic years are countless problems, excessive problems, and additional problems.

Although many of these search results highlight problems, students commonly go through during their academic tenure, there are no suitable solutions proposed. Observing this lapse, below discussed are the solutions for the common problems faced by the students:

  • Haunting Homesickness
  • When students embark on their academic journey, most of them have to relocate and leave their loved ones behind. This factor disturbs students to the core, and they keep on missing everything about their hometown. They miss the sunrise and the sunset, the family traditions, famous food items, and whatnot.

    Although going down the memory lane for a while is normal, the trouble instigates when this practice becomes frequent and long. Unfortunately, most of the students face difficulty focusing on their present because they prefer to live in their glorious memories from the past.

    In case you are experiencing the same, it is recommended to cure your homesickness by affixing a time to talk to your loved ones over phone. Also, you should promise yourself that other than this time, you won’t revisit the previous chapters of your life so that you can write the present ones better.

  • Ignorance of the Academic Setup
  • Most students confuse their interest with their aptitude and seek admission in respective subject fields. Soon, they start experiencing difficulties in their academic sector which becomes evident through their poor academic record.

    Also, many students have no idea about academic criteria, and this ignorance usually creeps in more difficulties for the students. As students mostly neglect a responsibility or two because of their ignorance, they are more than surprised when hit with adverse consequences.

    Thus, if you want to get enrolled in a certain academic course, do your research before making the final call.

  • Increasing Academic Troubles
  • Students are habitual of pending things for later and this, eventually, stacks up the working load for them. As essays are assigned to students daily, piling them up becomes a headache for students. No matter how hard they try, they always fail to complete those projects as new ones keep rolling in.

    Although this problem can be tackled by hiring an essay writing help, finding the right one is still a tough nut to crack. As many scam writing services are operating alongside authentic ones; thus, students face difficulties differentiating between the two.

    Therefore, you should not encourage the habit of procrastination so that you can complete all your responsibilities promptly. Also, if you are interested in hiring a custom writing service for yourself, you should ask your peers for suggestions. By taking their feedback, it will be easier to search the market and select the best service to get your desired academic assistance.

  • Financial Constraints
  • Other than academic troubles, students are expected to row their financial boats themselves too. Nowadays, everything from tuition fee to accommodation has experienced a hike in prices and, with such stringent financial strain, students have no choice but to take up a part-time job.

    This additional responsibility eats up a major chunk of time on the students’ clock; however, there seems to be no solution to it. To overcome this time shortage, students try to maintain their academic and professional responsibilities simultaneously which, in turn, imposes fatigue and exhaustion.

    To get around such a problem, you should take up a job which offers flexible timings. In this manner, you will be able to adjust your working and studying timetable according to the experienced conditions.

  • Degrading Health Conditions
  • Despite students being exposed to tiresome working conditions, they are inclined to minimise their time towards personal activities. For instance, nowadays, it is not surprising that most of

    the students utilise night time to complete their essays, instead of sleeping. The result of such practise is sleep-deprivation and mental exhaustion.

    Since students also do not have time to savour their meals peacefully, they prefer to skip them, as getting something to eat on the go is not always feasible.

    These health deteriorating practise, eventually, combine to multiply into physical and mental problems.

    If you want to escape such agony, it is recommended to prepare a timetable for yourself and adhere to it religiously. This means that at any cost, don’t even consider compromising on your affixed sleeping and eating schedule.

  • Loneliness and Seclusion
  • When all of the aforementioned problems surround students, they hardly get time to socialise and soon find themselves alone. As they have no one to talk to, the building pressure starts to corrode their mental peace.

    Since monotonous lifestyle has its vices, students face a hard time trying to break their walls and do something different for a change. Gradually, they find the idea of befriending people flawed while being isolated.

    If you are also facing similar problems, you should immediately break your shell and try to socialise with people around you. For this purpose, you do not need to attend any parties right away. Instead, you can start slow with greeting people on your way to class. In this manner, you can start making yourself comfortable around people bit by bit.

    By utilising the solutions mentioned above, you can escape the torment projected by the academic world. Remember, all you have to do is hold your ground and work hard.

    All the best!

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